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“The Law of Attraction”, “Think and Grow Rich”: Is There Scientific Evidence That It Works? Part I

The Law of Attraction:

Is There Scientific Evidence That It Works? Part I

“He’s not that much smarter or better than me, but how can he be so much more successful?” “She did not even get the education, still she seems so happy all the time?” Do you ever wonder if there’s a secret to success, happiness that you’re just not aware of?

If you think so – you are not alone. If you have been searching for answers, chances are that you have come across Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich or the different versions of The Law of Attraction.

These are undoubtedly two of the most sought-after books in the world.  Why? Besides having compelling titles, these books give a blueprint for how to achieve success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

You will learn that growing rich or attracting whatever you desire in your life has more to do with mindset and breaking down your own psychological barriers than anything else.

Still, have you ever wondered, “What’s the scientific evidence?”

In the books, the first step to riches is to have a burning desire for a definite purpose that is meaningful to you. This means that your desire is an obsession, so your mind is already convinced that you will have it. You are very clear about your WHY, and that propels you forward.

When you have that burning desire and obsession for a meaningful purpose, the following things are happening in your brain:

Your emotions become associated with passion, which is a strong emotion, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Passion acts like the motivation to push through suffering for the sake of achieving the desired result.

The word “passion” comes from the Latin word passionem which means “suffering”. The source of passion is in the emotional parts of your brain that include the brainstem, amygdala, and basal ganglia. These areas of your brain activate more impulsive and irrational behaviors that are driven strictly by emotional intensity.

Relying on passion alone is dangerous. You might feel an intense motivation or even euphoria, still there is no intuitive direction or objective reason. Hence passions are often fleeting, and they can change with the wind. That’s why the principle in Think and Grow Rich tells us to have a burning desire for a definite purpose.

When you pursue a definite purpose that is meaningful to you, it gives you direction and it will inspire you because it provides you with the objective reason why you do what you do.

The source of meaningful purpose is in the cognitive prefrontal cortex of your brain.

The prefrontal cortex controls learning, self-mastery and reasoning: all the executive behaviors that controls the emotional impulses. It is the purpose-seeking and fulfilling part of you. We can also call it your conscious mind. Your purpose is what allows you to repeatedly triumph over your fleeting passions.

Other chapters in the books Think and Grow Rich or The Law of Attraction talk about visualizing and believing, influencing the subconscious mind, and imagination.

Everything you have created in your present life and everything you will create in your future life is a result of your past subconscious programming. That applies to everyone.

We have been programmed since conception (we were not even born yet) with thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, goals and dreams that influence our actions — and hence your life outcomes.

Of course our parents, siblings, friends, relatives; culture; environment, race, politics, religion; (social) media, TV, school, news…all have been and are constantly influencing and “programming” us.

Additionally, we carry the “programs” of our ancestors from many generations back in our genes … This happens regardless of whether or not we are aware of it. Why? Because we will never behave consistently in a way that is inconsistent with our programming.

You can also say: you will always act in accordance with your self – image.

This has been part 1 of a 3 part series about the Law of Attraction, stay tuned for the next part where we go more into depth about your RAS (Reticular Activating System) and why it determines your future success in life!

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