Productivity Self Evaluation

The Productivity quiz provides a good outline of key abilities, attitudes, and habits of highly productive people. The quiz will help you identify areas where you are strong and where you are not so strong regarding your productivity.

Rate yourself from 1 to 5 on each item below to indicate how accurate each statement is for you and for your work practices. The numbers 2, 3, 4 reflect any varying degree in between.

(1 = this is not like you at all, 5 = this statement fits you perfectly)

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I am happy regarding my work - life balance.

I write out what to do each day and keep track to see when I have completed a task.

I regularly block out hours during each day to accomplish my most important tasks.

I set time limits to the activities on my to do list.

I prioritize my activities each day and block time for my imperative tasks. (high life time value tasks).

I turn off my phone, notifications, instant messengers during my blocked hours so that I can focus on high value activities.

I am not tempted to immediately respond to messages, calls, inquiries etc. while in the middle of an important task.

I set priorities for my different activities and decide where to start.

Before the beginning of each month I plan my personal, business goals and major activities for the month.

I regard the development my team members as a high value activity and share information equally.

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