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Do You Feel in Charge of Your Time and Your Life?

Everyone is given the same amount of time every single day. It’s how you use your time most effectively to be productive.

That’s where Productivity Transforming Coaching comes in.

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Do you feel in charge of your time and therefore of your life? Or do you feel exhausted by circumstances, events, other people’s deadlines, and emergencies? 

What does it mean to be “productive”? How can you become effective and efficient and have plenty of time for other things close to your heart?

In order to help you with these questions I created PTC – Productivity Transforming Coaching. You will receive not just new information or knowledge, but strategies, time tested, proven methods and a methodology to regain control of your life. 

You can never “manage” time – you can only manage yourself better by knowing what to do when and how to free yourself from distractions. The Productivity Toolkit, Productivity Course,  and Productivity Club “Get it done now”,  will achieve this. 

My PROMISE to you: You’ll receive a step-by-step framework for becoming and staying highly focused and productive  to reach any of your business or personal goals. 

Additionally,  Productivity Transforming Coaching offers you a platform of like minded people to make sure you follow through on your commitment to  stop procrastinating, form new powerful habits and have plenty of energy all day long.
What our Happy Students Say
The Productivity Club and Falk's life coaching have enabled me to become 
90% more efficient and excited that I am already living my best life 
today. Many days in a month I do my high value tasks in the morning
 and have afternoons free!

You Can Laugh At Stress, Burnout and Fatigue Using One of The 3 Productivity Tools:

Self guided
Featured Course
Group coaching
Turn Information into Action

If there was a mentoring process for you or your team that will GUARANTEE success – would you be interested in it?

For CEO’s, Business Owners, MD’s, GM’s, Managers, and Supervisors in Companies/Organisations 20-500 employees

Join our Weekly Productivity Club
every Tuesday at 18:30 (SAST)

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Get in charge of your Time and your Life! – Join us any Tuesday at 18:30 (SAST)

My promise to youLearn how to become highly productive to have more time, to have more fun, and to have more money in only 6 weeks from now.

Topics for you:
  • How you get rid of Procrastination and use laser like Focus instead.
  • How you double your Productivity by applying the Power Tower Method
  • How you eliminate your Energy Vampires and feel energized all day long. 
  • How you stop limiting Habits and make your Success automatic.

Trusted by Our Students


This productivity workshop came at the right time for me as I was feeling overwhelmed and all over
the place. It taught me the skills on how to plan my day and how to block out time for the high value tasks which is most important.

Having a partner to keep me accountable helped me to form the correct habits which I had set out for myself. 

Falk helped me to identify how to make changes in my business, which I could not visualize on my own.

Cheron R.

Falk’s 6 Week Productivity Webinar is essential if you feel like you are busy all day but not getting to those things that are imperative.

In the course Falk goes through simple and easy to follow techniques and how to install habits that will make an immediate and noticeable improvement to your productivity, whether professionally or personally.

I would highly recommend the Productivity Webinar. I wish I could have completed this webinar years ago.

Richard W.

When I first started in the productivity club, there were many techniques to work through. I found that focusing on the ones that’ll bring you you the biggest benefit for your goals, to be beneficial to me.

It’s quite easy to get lost in all of the information you get, and in today’s day there’s so much information, you actually have to take that information and make use of it, and that’s where the Productivity Partner comes in.

Every day, we do a quick call with each other finding out how we’re doing with instilling new habits, and working towards that goal using these techniques.


Alex S.

I joined the group a bit skeptically, in all honesty. I come from a family who do not do self-
improvement things, just work hard and get it done, which doesn’t really leave much room for
exploring who one is. After seeing the positive impact it had on my colleague I thought I would give it a try. 

What amazed me the most, was how a little change in point of view has changed me as a
person, both professionally and personally. The building on new habits, albeit difficult, has been
truly positive for me.

Having an accountability partner was the most valuable part of the exercise, as this is truly what gets you started and practicing those new habits you want to put in place.
Also the support of having the team to chat every Tuesday is invaluable, as you realize you are not
alone trying to do this, nor that you are the only Rockstar out there.

Claire f.

This is the second course I have completed with Falk Winter . The personal development course I just completed has given me pointers to focus on and ways to measure my progress.

I would definitely recommend Falk’s courses. if you want to become more efficient and stay goal oriented.

Gordon F.

I am so very grateful to have worked with Falk on his Productivity Course, as he taught me many key points and showed me many new techniques to use on a daily basis to be more productive. 

It was so helpful in teaching me to plan my day better and get myself organised that my business is benefiting so beautifully from this productivity process. It was a real honour to work with Falk.





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