Why is it so difficult to change?

Why is it so difficult to change? 

We are living in an intense time. Especially now, when 2022 comes to and end fast and you may be wondering what 2023 will “bring”? This triggers the wish in many of us for a change. It can be a forced change like of occupation, career, location…but more often a change inside of us. 

We finally want to do what we know we should do. We want to spend less time wasting, worrying or procrastinating; we want to be fitter, healthier; more patient, loving, and forgiving; optimistic, resourceful and enthusiastic about what we do….why is this so difficult? 

For 2 reasons: 

  1. You have been programmed, you are basically “done” by the age of 7. You have been “programmed” by your parents, siblings, family and friends; by your culture, country, race and heritage; by your work environment, colleagues, organizations and affiliations; by your government, church and politics; by the incessant stream of (social) media, news and gossip. Most of your profound characteristics have been imprinted on you before you were even born, and you carry them in your DNA from your ancestors. All your worry, fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt, regret etc. which may be triggered at this time has become part of your personality long time ago.  

That’s neither good or bad – it is as it is and affects all of us. 

  1. Your brain has not been given to you to make you happy or successful. This 2-Million-year-old device between your ears (which hardly changed since then) has been given to you for one reason only – to keep you safe. It’s primordial function solely is to keep the human race going. That’s why – by default! – your mind is negative. It’s constantly looking out for danger, for anything which can go wrong, which can put you in danger. Therefore it constantly reminds you of any real or imagined threat, which puts you under never ending worry, fear or anxiety.  What has been the sable teeth tiger in front of your cave eons ago – is the unpaid bill, the virus (!), or your mother in law today. 

That’s again just as it is, if we like it or not. 

Is there anything we can do about it? Yes, of course. Is it simple? It is. 

Is it easy, it is not. 

Do many people do it – they don’t. 

Why not?  Because it’s hard and it takes some time. 

Is it worthwhile? In my opinion: absolutely yes. You absolutely can create the life you desire. 

The conclusion therefore is: program yourself of you will be programmed (see 1) or stay by default in negative mood (see 2). 

How to go about it?  Ask me and check out my webpage to see what program (1 . – 3.)  corresponds best with you. Let’s have a chat. 

In the meantime, if you like to start slowly: just be aware of where your thoughts are (and change them in case you find them unhelpful.)

Take good care until soon,


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