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The Power of your Imagination Part III – Is There Scientific Evidence That It Works?

A comment on imagination as a step towards attracting what you desire:

Your imagination can change your perception of your reality. Your ability to imagine any desired scenario (like you are receiving a salary raise) creates a mental image in your mind. This process involves a network in your brain called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. It’s located at the bottom of the prefrontal cortex that’s behind your forehead.

Your evaluations of mental imagery bear a direct relationship to your performance on the tasks you perform in the real world. Why? Because with mental imagery, you can ‘see how things might have been or could be in the future. The key is to imagine “AS IF”, as if you have already achieved your goal. You imagine what will you see, hear, smell, touch, feel, how will you talk to yourself, to others, how will you walk, act, behave once you have achieved your goal.

Being able to imagine objects and scenarios is will allow you to successfully think about and plan future events. It’s kind of like unlocking all the intelligence resources and help you need for success. By doing this you are using one critical feature of your subconscious mind: it cannot differentiate between an idea and reality, between your imagination and what really is. Since your subconscious mind cannot think on its own but loves serving you it is compelled to make this imagination a reality for you.

Once you achieve the first success that you’re striving for, your brain releases dopamine, which is best known as the “feel-good” hormone because of the role it plays in addiction and drug use. Dopamine gives you motivation, driving you to repeat the behaviors that created that awesome feeling when you succeeded.

Although the dopamine response is short-term, your brain will remember how awesome the experience was, so then you can’t help but strive to seek it out over and over again. When you’ve experienced repeated success, the pleasure you initially had with the very first success gets smaller and smaller. As an example: After you’ve reached your sales targets month after month, it just doesn’t feel as awesome the second or third time.

This is what motivates you in accomplishing bigger and better things. It’s what inspires you to set higher and more demanding goals. For instance, if your initial goal was to land 4 new clients this month, then your next goal would be to land 8 new clients the month after. Everything else is the same, except the more challenging, and rewarding goal of doubling your output and income in return.

It is said that Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of ultra-successful people who have amassed great fortunes in their time and that Hicks received his message right from “Source” regarding how to make the Law of Attraction work.

The field of neuroscience was founded around the same time, and the field of psychology predates it by almost 100 years. But the principles of success and the laws of science have always existed even before any human brain became aware of it. These are laws ( like “The Law of Gravity”) that exist and work whether we are aware of them or not whether we use them to our advantage or not.

In summary: there is scientific evidence that the principles work as outlined in Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich or in the different versions of The Law of Attraction. You still have to put in the work.

What principles are you applying in your life?

What have you discovered works for you and the attainment of your dreams?

This has been the final part of the series about the Law of Attraction, thank you for reading and learning about how the subconscious mind controls your success in life!

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